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At 01:47 PM 7/18/2009, you wrote:
>I'm putting together a list of background reading for a very 
>compressed introduction workshop. Does anybody know of a good gentle 
>introduction to XSL, CSS, and/or stylesheets generally I could refer 
>students to? Obviously there are hundreds on the web, so what I'm 
>looking for is a battle-tested recommendation.

I actually think that for a compressed introduction, treating CSS and 
XSLT separately is important. Their both being called "stylesheet" 
technologies obfuscates the critical difference between them, and 
creates the erroneous impression that they're two ways of doing the 
same thing (which they're not), and that they are not complementary 
(which they are).

When I am faced with this task, I tend to approach it like this:

1. Introduce HTML and CSS, with reference to some excellent online 
resources like the CSS Zen garden to dramatize how CSS works.

2. Then, separately, introduce the notion of XML transformation as a 
distinct set of requirements, with XSLT in that context. I might even 
start with XML-to-XML transformation (such as filtering a TEI 
document) as a demonstration. Then I show XML to HTML/CSS as a 
special case of this.

IBM DeveloperWorks has some short treatments of XSLT that work well 
enough for this.

I am assuming this is not geared towards students who plan actually 
to learn XSLT? If so, the questions become more difficult (though not 
necessarily impossible).


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