Daniel Paul O'Donnell wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've wanted for years to find a better way of keeping my CV up-to-date 
> in all the various forms required of me: University, 
> Discipline-Traditional, NEH 2-pager, Canadian Tricouncil format. I've 
> seen some XML schemes for CVs but none really work for me. And of 
> course, I'd love to post a powered by TEI badge (see 
> at the bottom of it.
> I can't imagine nobody here keeps their CV in TEI XML or has stylesheets 
> for presenting it in different formats. Anybody want to share? I don't 
> see anything in the TEI wiki ( 
> either by searching for CV | curriculum vitae or by looking at the XSLT  
> category page (

Predictably, I started to keep my CV in TEI, but it has gotten severely 
out of date. I need someone to post a job that I'm interested in 
applying for! What I'd really like is a thing which allows me to add new 
publications, workshops taught, and similar quite easily.  To open it up 
and edit a new publication, and be rigorously consistent can be time 

I did half-build a proof-of-concept way to do this using eXist, XQuery 
and XUpdate to update the CV.  But the way I was doing it was highly 
inefficient and RealLife and WorkLife ended up getting in the way to 
mean I never got around to making it work properly.

So the upshot of that is, I'd be interested in a TEI P5 solution if 
someone else has already done the work! :-)

(For what it is worth, I no real trouble encoding anything I needed for 
my CV: the only thing I remember being a bit non-standard was trying to 
come up with a good way to indicate that a publication was peer-reviewed 
or not.)


Dr James Cummings, Research Technologies Service, University of Oxford
James dot Cummings at oucs dot ox dot ac dot uk