Emmanuelle Morlock-Gerstenkorn wrote:
> When a note is under the responsibility of two encoders (for example 
> #E1 and #E2), is it possible to
> have <note resp="#E1 #E2">blablabla</note> ?
if my memory is right, no note/@resp only allows one value.
> Is it then possible to express a kind of a boolean "OR" with the 
> syntax of the attributes ?
> For example if, in a manuscript, the trancriber find it difficult to 
> elucidate the right "hand" out of a list of 2, but know it cannot be 
> the other hands found in the manuscript.
> So the hand is #H1 OR #H2 but NOT #H3, #H4, #H5... How would you 
> express that ?
you cant, in the schema. what it means to have multiple values is not 
by the schema, but by your interpretation.
> In general, is it possible to introduce set of values like for the 
> rend attribute as it exemplified below ? 
some attributes allow multiple values, others not. an example which does:

<lem wit="#El #Hg">Experience</lem>

but there are many others besides @rend.

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