Well, I finally decided how Lates will show the reciprocal in my own pair of

We shall never understand one another.
Nun tedivomes anto emsus.
nun tedi -vo -emes anto em -ses -us
not comprehend -FUT -1P-ACT between I -REFL -P-ACC

We shall never understand ourselves.
Nun tedivomes emsus.
nun tedi -vo -emes em -ses -us
not comprehend -FUT -1P-ACT I -REFL -P-ACC

The difference being the lack of "anto" in the second sentence.  Lates is
inspired by Latin, for now I will use that method of distinguishing the two
concepts.  And I got a free method of marking reflexives out of it that
wasn't there earlier.

And finally, the entire reason for all this inquisitiveness:

Nun tendivomes anto emsus aeptue vimuemeso levorem apitebon voquebon.
nun tendi -vo -emes anto em -ses -us aeptue vimue -emeso levore -im apite
-ibon voque -ibon
not understand -FUT -1P-ACT between I -REFL -P-ACC before reduce
-1P-SUBJ-ACT language -S-ACC seven -P-DAT word -P-DAT
We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven

A quote from the Conlang Library, IIRC.  :)