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> Question for everyone: why are you constructing your language(s)? Any particular reasons or uses, or "just cuz"? Anything else you care to mention, like name of conlang, number of people who understand it, etc.?

I started creating gj-zym-byn in early 1998 in order to write my
diary in it; I'd been keeping said diary since 1988, mostly in English
and since 1997 sometimes in Esperanto.  By 2002 gzb was well-developed
enough to use for diary entries, and I used it more and more for that
purpose over the next few years as it got better developed and I got
more fluent in it; recently I think around 4/5 of my diary is in gzb,
with about 1/5 in English or Esperanto or more rarely Toki Pona.  I
use it for a variety of other purposes now, but that is why I started
creating it.

My engelang sb zjeda is designed as a proof-of-concept for some ideas
about conlang development methodology, and about desiging highly
phonologically redundant vocabulary (a lexicon with no minimal pairs).

My various artlangs were mostly created for the fun of creating them,
which mostly involves writing in them (my last few artlangs are almost
all corpus with little or no grammar or lexicon; Gary Shannon's Kalusa
project has strongly influenced the way I work).

Jim Henry