Lee schrieb:

> Question for everyone: why are you constructing your language(s)? Any
> particular reasons or uses, or "just cuz"? Anything else you care to
> mention, like name of conlang, number of people who understand it,
> etc.?

For one, I have always been interested in languages and how they work. I
came across Mark Rosenfelder's "Language Construction Kit" (which I have
translated into German recently) some day and gave it a go. I have
learned a lot by devising my own grammar rules actually, since I read
papers about things that seemed interesting to me, as well as reading
this mailing list, and the ZBB, which used to be better-informed about
linguistics in those days. Actually I should take up reading papers
again, I haven't done that anymore for quite some time. If only they
weren't so dull and/or expecting you to have a degree in Linguistics.

For two, as I wrote on my homepage's section on my conlangs, I'm doing
this probably for the same reason as people make music in their spare
time, or paint, or whatever other creative sparetime activities there
are. Many people here have pointed out that to them, creating languages
is also a kind of art. I guess you could compare it best to composing
music. Actually this second argument is prevalent for me at the moment.
I haven't come up with grammar in a couple of years, but instead, I've
refined things, added words and did translations, often for aesthetic

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