There are some things in Deini I'm still undecided about, so I 
figure I'll see what kind of feedback I can get here.

Deini pronouns have three forms:  Nominative, oblique, and 
possessive (actually adjectives).

     /i/, /u/ before vowels > [j], [w]
     <-i> is the suffix used to form adjectives from another POS

         	Nom.    Oblique        Adj
     1S    	žo    	mx        	mi
     2S-fam    	tu    	tx        	ti
     2S-form    	anda    andx        	andi
     3S    	ðei    	ðx        	ðei

     1P    	ue    	ux        	uei
     2P-fam    	iu    	ix        	iei
     2P-form    	(same as singluar)
     3P    	(same as singluar)

     reflex        	sx        	si

     impers    	enx    	enx        	eni

     dem-prx    	etx    	etx        	eti
     dem-dis    	tx    	tx        	ti
     dem-rem    	ien    	ien        	ieni

     interog    	ua    	ux        	uai

I'm not sure I like the idea of having the 3rd-person-plural the 
same as the singular.  I'm thinking of maybe having something like 
"ðez" /Dez/ or "ðej" /DedZ/.

I'm also thinking maybe "me" and "te" instead of "mx" and "tx", and 
maybe "toi" instead of "ti".

I have yet to come up with a reciprocal pronoun.  I may just use the 
reflexive, or maybe just doubling it to "sxsx" but prefer something