While I understand that some may find this line of conversation less than 
appropriate, I think that finding the humor in these stories is an important 
chance for levity in what we do.  And in some instances, these are teachable 
moments, as has been pointed out.

My contribution: Father brings his daughter in for chief complaint of fingernails 
not growing.  She appears completely well and has no signs/symptoms of 
systemic illness.  This young school age child adamantly denies nail biting but 
that appears to be the diagnosis.  Father is not reassured by my assessment 
until I point out the normal toenail growth which is present!

Marisa Brett-Fleegler, MD
Children's Hospital Boston

Point taken.  I apologize if my previous stories were offensive.  This line of 
emails has been humorous, primarily because these patients have been, by and 
large, healthy and blessed by what seem to be concerned, loving parents. No 
one can mock that.  These are the lucky ones that have parents that care.  
Why not share the humor of those visits, when we all know that this business 
brings both joy and unfortunately, tragedy.

I have one more story to share:  Mother brings her son in to the pediatrician 
for a well child visit.  When the pediatrician asks the child if anything is hurting 
him, he answers, "My feet."  The feet look fine on exam, but the pediatrician 
notes that the toes are right up to the tips of the shoes and scrunched.  
Diagnosis: Shoes too small.  My son and I left the pediatrician's office and 
went shopping for new shoes.  He needed shoes 2 sizes bigger than what he 
was wearing. Draw your own conclusions.  I'm done.  

Christine D. Darr, MD, FAAP
Medical Director, Pediatric Division
CarePoint, PC
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