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> Here's what you do: find a blog or site with a certain amount of
> popularity but not huge just yet, perhaps one with a pretty good
> following and a few hundred to a few thousand visitors a day, and one
> that seems amenable to the idea of IALs. This site owner will then be
> approached by a large group of Esperantists that have pledged to join
> in, and they tell the owner that if he or she writes in Esperanto they
> will then visit the site every day, write comments below articles,
> etc.

While I wouldn't discourage the idea, I mean why not, I don't think it
would be that easy. I'm imagining that I'm an up-and-coming blogger.
Obviously my following is growing because people like what I'm writing
about -- in English. So it would seem wisest to put my energy into
getting more followers in that area than to try to get followers from
a little-known language. If I were going to try making a blog version
in a new version, it might make sense to do it in Spanish or French or
some widely known language. So it would have to be someone already
committed to the IAL idea to some extent. It might work for a site of
environmentalists or alternative world-building types, but I doubt it
would work for say a blog dealing with outer space or music.

Plus, as a blogger, I'd have concerns that if I started writing posts
in Esperanto, potential viewers might see the first blog in Eo and
assume it's not an English language site and go away. So I imagine
they'd want to do it in a way that prevented Eo from appearing at the

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