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> >> I've had a few ideas myself for promoting languages.  How about
> >>  taking a business-like approach.  Commerce and trade are what
> >>  historically have motivated many people to learn new
> >> languages.  How about setting up an an online store, or maybe
> >> an auction site like E-Bay in Esperanto?  If the deals offered
> >> are good enough not only would it bring together E-istoj, but
> >> the revenue could be reinvested in the E-o movement for further
> >> campaigns.  Even having a multilingual site, but offing a small
> >> discount to those who order using the E-o version may provide
> >> someone an incentive to at least take a look at E-o (or
> >> whatever language you are trying to promote).
> > 
> > Bribe senators and pass a Neo Patwa amendment to the
> > constitution.
> Now this would work.  Then NP would become a required part of every 
> child's school curriculum.  Teaching it to them doesn't mean they'll 
> use it, so the schools will have to start teaching classes in NP.

Yes, but then Jens will continue making changes, and in the next couple of years we'll run out of money passing them through the Congress.

> > Open a cinema company "sasXXXsek productions".
> There are already plenty of places to get porn without having to 
> learn a conlang.  Would only work if there was some unique gimmick 
> associated with it.  Maybe offer free phone sex (telxfonxses) in S:S:.

Besides, it's mostly interjections that will be needed, and AFAIK exactly this part is not yet sufficiently elaborated. But I can easily imagine a feature film "sesxsas" (world of sex) and a documentary "sasxses" (sex of the world).

> > Tempt a celebrity (Obama or Shakruh Khan) to learn a conlang, and
> > many others will do the same. For Obama it will be even good to
> > speak Sasxsek: if anything, he can always say that people just
> > got him wrong.
> A celebrity may not be able to recruit speakers as such, but the 
> backing of a celebrity will at least get it noticed.  I've never 
> seen any evidence that William Shatner speaks E-o, despite his role 
> in "Incubus".  Celebrities though are the last people that would 
> need to learn an auxlang.  They are rich enough to afford translators.

The celebrity/authority factor hasn't yet been sufficiently in play. Leo Tolstoy once made a favourable utterance about Esperanto. He said it's an exeptionally easy language (which is no wonder taking into account that in "World and Peace" the whole pages are written in French). But he added at the same time that for Chinese and other non-Europeans this language probably wouldn't go (and E-ists tend to omit this part). Mikhail Bulgakov, perhaps the greatest artist of the passed century, made the following qualification of Esperanto: "a surprisingly disgusting language". Among linguists, I have an impression that there were more those against Eo than in favour. Jespersen made hints that Baudouin de Courtenay was bribed by E-ists or smth of the kind. On the whole, the celebrity/authority factor hasn't been much in play, but it may be important because people are extremely suggestible, they tend to do what they are told to do and what others do, what is supposed to be fashionable etc.

> > Still better, become a celebrity yourself. Winning Olympic games
> > in broad jump should be sufficient.
> At least here in the US, Olympic athletes tend to have very 
> short-lived fame.  And there's generally only one outstanding star 
> from each edition of the Games.

Besides there is a problem of becoming fluent in broad jumps. 
All in all, all those ways are dubious. Perhaps the only thing we can do is to gather as much money as possible and go find some unlucky guy and tell him:
- Hello. We want you to learn this language. Please don't ask us why. We just need it, desperately. We'll pay you for this. Here's the first payment.
And hopefully there'll be enough to make a Joe Sasxsek out of Joe Sixpack.