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>An idea I had some years ago, but haven't gotten around to
implementing yet and don't know when I will if ever, is to publicize a
new conlang first by publishing texts in it, with no grammar, lessons,
lexicon etc., and make it a game or puzzle.  Post a text in the
conlang, then a week later post translations into English and
Esperanto (etc.) with a new text in the conlang, and a week after that
translations of the second text with a third orginal text, and so
forth; advertising that the first person to post a reasonably accurate
translation of a given week's text before the conlang creator posts
the official translation will win a certain prize.  I had this in mind
for an artlang, but it might work well with an auxlang too.

>The problem with this scheme, I found, is that developing a conlang in
isolation and not allowing yourself to share it with anyone or get
feedback on it is not as much fun as being able to discuss your work
in progress with other conlangers; so the development of the artlang I
had in mind for this project has languished while I've worked
primarily on other conlangs.  A fortiori that would be a problem for
an auxlang, which is intended to be useful and not (just) beautiful,
and needs many eyes making its bugs shallow.  Maybe it would work with
a small development group discussing the development of the auxlang
among themselves in a private mailing list but keeping its lexicon,
grammar, etc. secret until a several weeks' queue of texts is ready to
publish.  (It would also ease the burden of one person having to
write/translate a certain quota in the conlang by a certain deadline
at regular intervals.)

>If anyone wants to do that as a collaborative project, let me know.

Artlang or auxlang, and what general type?