On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 2:21 PM, Lee <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Who is going to be a loco WriMo in just 10 short days? <>

I'm still planning to do it.

> I hope I'll be ready to start on the 1st. I keep finding myself going in circles on my lang.

gj-zym-byn is definitely ready; I'm vacillating over which story idea
to use for this, though.  I need something I can bring to closure in
short story length; most of the stories I've written or am writing in
English are novella length and many of the unfinished ones might be
novel length if I ever finish them.

> For lack of a better goal, and never having tried this before, I'm sticking with 5,000 words.

Back when we were first talking about this, I figured I could probably
do 15K words in gzb in a month; that would be doable if I could devote
the whole month to it, but with gzb having been chosen for the
conlang_learners project, I feel like I need to devote some time to
updating the lessons and finishing some unfinished sections of the
reference grammar, as well as writing the LoCoWriMo story; and some
other urgent things have come up which may take a lot of time in
mid-October, as well.  So I'll scale it back to 7500 words, or rather
60 handwritten pages -- I'm not going to try to do an exact word count
until I do the second draft in electronic form.

Do we want to start a new mailing list for this, or keep the
discussions on CONLANG with a [LoCoWriMo] tag in the subject line?
And do we want to publicize the project on ZBB, etc.?

Jim Henry