> From: Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets <[log in to unmask]>
> Once again, those damn Québécois spoiled our beautiful language! ;)
> I'm not serious when I write that of course ;) .

Some Québécoises respect la langue. ;) :


Relatedly: I was amused at the timeliness that one of the jokes in the October '09 Playboy German Edition (which I got yesterday) relies on the potential ambiguity in the structure we're talking about (although in this case not a body part, but still implicit possession), and hence doesn't translate cleanly into English. Apologies for the Lockhornian spousal hate in the joke, but it's the way Playboy German's jokes often roll:

Sagt der Mann zu seiner Frau: "Mit der neuen Bille siehst du echt haesslich aus." Antwortet die Frau: "Ich habe doch gar keine neue Brille." -- "Aber ich."
English: The husband said to his wife: "You look really ugly with these* new glasses." The wife answered: "I don't have new glasses!" The husband:"But I do."

-- Paul

* "These" is the best I can do, although it would be more natural to say "those" when referring to someone else's glasses, and at any rate the German is the definite article, i.e., "the new glasses."