On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Brett Williams <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On the other hand I do think
> that a new list could help build a bridge between this community and
> the style and ideas we've developed in Lojbanistan.

What about bringing lojban discussions here?

If anything, perhaps CONLANG could perhaps use a better tagging system
(so people can more easily skim over uninteresting things). But I
don't see a good argument for why a *separate* list would be better,
other than sheer list volume. And I think that could be handled
automatically, eg by tags, proper threading, mail manager labels, etc,
and upping the max messages per day threshold as appropriate for
number of subscribers.

The only thing that seems actually unwelcome here is proselytization,
particularly of some language vs another. We've got an ethic of not
attacking each others' work, and accepting differences of aesthetic
preference as fairly neutral idiosyncracies.

AFAICT, Lojbanists are not prone to this, so would be welcome.

And for that matter, auxlangers are welcome too, so long as they can
stay away from proselytizing... which aside from a small handful of
somewhat loud but relatively obvious & therefore harmless trolls and
n00bs, seems to be the majority of people on AUXLANG these days. I've
been lurking for a while, and it's not nearly as discordant as one
might think.

- Sai