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> Who is going to be a loco WriMo in just 10 short days?
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I will attempt to try this. Would you prefer to hear a political story with a Springtime for Hitler plot (ie: a rejistani only wants to run for office to explain how it is done and for credits in politics class and ever would have assumed people to vote for her. Her attempts to stay out of the interest of the meta-coalitions backfire however...) or a Sci-fi about a growing hivemind/collective (it would probably feature KHMG as well as the language of the non-rejistanian side)? I am torn between both ideas...

Not sure how much I can get done with the semester starting now and KÚlen screaming for my attention, but I will try.

> For lack of a better goal, and never having tried this before, I'm
> sticking with 5,000 words.
Same here. It'd be hard with KHMG but challanging.
Va'xen tekne'het jasam alna! Va'xen tekne'het ojyu alna! Va'xen tekne'het tene'xen!
Let us make the world more colorful! Let us make the world crazier! Let us make the world our world!

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