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> An OT but related question-- is there some magic (but simple!!) way to write IPA in Yahoo mail??? As mentioned before, I have to
> compose msgs. in OO or MSWord, then C&P to the email box. Tests have shown that that works...usually.

It's not the app, it's the OS.  If you're on Windows, then you have a
few options.  The easiest to use is to install a custom keyboard
layout.  Surely someone on here has created an IPA keyboard for

The US/International keyboard layout, which includes several
characters accessible via the AltGr key (right-hand Alt), is
annoyingly limited, and redundant - several AltGr combinations are
wasted on characters that are already available via the dead keys
(e.g. ~ + N vs AltGr+N, both of which generate ñ).  Heck, it doesn't
even have any way to generate an œ!

The most general, but not universally available, method requires you
to know the Unicode code point of the character you want: hold down
alt, press the plus key on the numeric keypad, type the hexadecimal
code point value, and then release Alt.  For instance, to get an ŋ

1. press either ALT key and continue to hold it down
2. press + on the numeric keypad
3. press 0 (on either part of the keyboard), then 1, then 4, then B.
4. release the ALT key.

This might not work unless you have a particular registry setting,
however.  If it doesn't work, go to Start->Run, type "regedit".  Using
the plus signs next to the folder icons in the left-hand treeview,
open HKEY_Current_User, then Control Panel, then Input Method. If you
see a value on the right called "EnableHexNumpad", make sure it's
equal to 1.  If you don't, right-click and create a New Value:  Name
it EnableHexNumpad, with type Null-Terminated String, and give it the
value "1". Then you have to reboot.

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