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> Now I have a question that someone may know the answer to.  Does anyone know
> of a utility that will take the .klc files from MSKLC and convert them for
> use with Linux? (preferrably Ubuntu/Debian)

I don't know what the .klc file format looks like, but the keyboard
layout files in Ubuntu are a pretty easy to read and modify plain text
key <TLDE> { [    grave, asciitilde,  dead_grave,   dead_tilde      ] };

That's unshifted, shifted, with altGr, shifted with altGr...

The key names are easily inferred from the default values; the
character names come from /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h.  If you see in
that file

#define XK_quotedbl 0x0022

Then you know that "quotedbl" in a layout file means U+0022 QUOTATION MARK  (").

If there's a character you don't see there or just don't feel like
looking, you can also use the unicode code point directly in the
keysym file.  For instance, AltGr+W is defined in the Mac-emulation
keyboard as

key <AD02> { [     w,          W,         U2211,
doublelowquotemark    ] };

Where the U2211 means U+2211 N-ARY SUMMATION (∑).

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