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> >> A visitor to my site pointed  me to the
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> >>
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> > Thanks for that link. I've decided to finally try to
> learn a little
> > something about phonology, so I checked it out. The
> problem is, a
> > couple of the sounds make no sense at all to me.
> Holy smoke!  This site is even better!

Darn, it relies on QuickTime. I used to love QT, but the love is anything but thanks to Apple repeatedly telling their installer to ignore my "no" to iTunes. And unfortunately, IDK what codec was used to make the media files, so I can't make them play them on VLC or Media Player either.

I think someone else mentioned the UCLA site <>. If you haven't tried it, it's worth listening to the pronunciations from different people. Too bad the interface isn't the greatest (opens your default .wav player), but it works well enough.

Does anyone know if there is a site with pronunciations from non-Euro people?