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> On a more general note: are the conWorld(s) that house one's language 
> (s) copyrightable as well?

Actually, that, I think, *is*.  Note that a conworld comprises many

-place names
-names of people(s)
-descriptions of all the above

Unlike a language, these are more easily recognizable as creative
acts (by those that make such rulings).  Consider the works of
many, many fantasy authors--many of which have no languages
at all.  Many of these authors, for example, explicitly forbid fan
fiction, which, if you think about it, is nothing more than someone
else using the elements of a conworld for their own purposes--
even though it's not commercial!  And there are authors who
successfully prevent amateur writings from writing fan fiction
set in their own universe and/or utilizing their own characters,
places, etc. without permission.

(Anyone else with more detailed information on this [since I'm
sure there's tons] feel free to jump in.)

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