Adam Walker wrote:
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> I wrote:
>>> Right now I'm just affraid that my front page is gonna go kerfutz
>>> on the 26th since it was generated using one of Yahoo!'s tools
>>> and includes a bajillion gifs stored at Geocities.

>> Use a tool like wget (are probably some for windows too and wget 
>> might already be on the dreamhost-account) to download/fetch that 
>> page+all the images. The urls can be rewritten automatically by 
>> wget itself.
> Whunh?  How can it download ... ?  No what?  I'm confused.  You're 
> saying that it can go find where Geocities has stored this or that 
> particular gif and copy each of those gifs to my folders so I then 
> have a copy?


> I'd still have to re-write all the code pointing to the
> gifs at though, right?  Or are you 
> saying it re-does all of that too? 


> That's just a bit scary.  Then 
> I'd just have to re-edit the text I've already changed since the 
> move, and re-delete Yahoo!'s advertising code.  Or have I really 
> misunderstood you?

No. :)

wget is a command-line tool though, this is how I do backups of my site:

wget -p -m -k

-m = makes a mirror of my publicly visible website (10 megs): it used 
1.2 seconds
-k = rewrites links/strips out the http::/whatever/-part and just leaves 
relative links: this took 0.09 seconds
-p = also fetches all images, css etc.

You might use -K (big K) in addition, to keep a backup of the original 
files in addition to the rewritten ones.

BUT: it does this by following links, so anything that doesn't have a 
link pointing to it won't be copied. Anything that's hidden behind a 
password won't get copied etc. Wget sees the same things googlebot does, 
but no more.