Welcome to the list.

Joseph Allen wrote:
> I would like to say, hello everyone! I am a adolenscent, and lets leave it
> at that. 

OK   ;)

But it's nice to have an intro and to be told something 
about he person. It's annoying when a person whose name you 
don't recognize mails several times about this, that or the 
other; you begin to form a picture in your mind about the 
guy and you reply some point or other only to discover, may 
be two or three weeks later down the line, that the reply 
was not really appropriate.

At least we know where you're coming from and all of us were 
(some still are, I'm sure) adolescents - even an old-timer 
like me still remembers his adolescence     :)

> I made a couple of English-Ciphers when I was around 7-9. Then when
> I was 11 I began work on a language. 

I think it wasn't till I was 9 or 10 I came up with a 
language whose grammar was modeled on French and who vocab 
was adapted from Old English. Then at about 11 I discovered 
Esperanto and thought I could do better   ;)

So my teens were (mis-)spent mainly on auxlangs, tho at one 
point I did have a Turkish/ Hungarian inspired language 
spoken on Venus!

> Recently I discovered the hobby and the
> languages where called "conlangs". I have gotten pretty far in my language.
> For my age (15>) I thought it was pretty good. Here is an example:
> Elsa, vu carron se vie. Vue es moneraesta. (Hello, that is my car. It was
> very expensive.)

Nice - I like the explanations that followed in a later mail.

> What does everyone think? Tell me if I am being annoying. 

No, no - not being annoying. It's people who are convinced 
their way of doing a language is _the_ proper way to go 
about it that annoy. You ain't one of those critters.


Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.