I've just succumbed to temptation and started a wiki on the topic of 
therianthropes - since two of my conlangs happen to be the native languages 
of two therianthrope subspecies, I figure I might know a bit about it.

it's at:
and since I've only just started it, it's a bit bare.  I'm still considering 
the width and depth of the topic - ie, everybody knows that the Werewolf is a 
therianthrope, but what about B'dank in "Norstrilia"?  But have no fear - I 
intend putting at least a couple of pages up on therianthropes, and their use 
and abuse in fiction, and maybe even finding a few Project Gutenberg files on 
werewolves, etc, to link to.

Feel free to pass the word on.

Wesley Parish
Clinersterton beademung, with all of love - RIP James Blish
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