On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 06:29:08PM -0400, Joseph Allen wrote:

> I would like to say, hello everyone! I am a adolenscent, and lets leave it
> at that. I made a couple of English-Ciphers when I was around 7-9. Then when
> I was 11 I began work on a language. 

Congratulations, and welcome!

I started my language when I was about 13.  A good portion of us on the list,
in discussions and surveys we've had in the past, have started right around
12 years old (the rest of the group started at all different points in their
lives, typically because of being inspired by something they'd learned.)

My language mrchi is now 24 years old, though some of those years, maybe
as many as 10, were spent in cryonic suspension (i.e. being completely
ignored by me!)

> What does everyone think? Tell me if I am being annoying. Never tried out a
> mailing list before :).

Welcome to the list :)  I hope you enjoy our ancient technology :)  We always
like to hear the details of someone's conlang.