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> > Java isn't out the door. But you might have to compile it
> > on Windows if it turns out to be oh-so-compatible as it did
> > during my next-to-last exam*. Windows is like an annoying
> > little child during an intercontinental flight. Right next
> > to you. Loud. Constantly bugging you when you actually want
> > to do something productive. 
> > 
> > 
> > *BTW: if anyone knows how to make the Windows Version
> > handle UTF-8 correctly, tell me! It still bugs me that I
> > lost marks due to that.
> Tell us how you really feel...
I don't understand what you mean by that comment. 

Sorry if I lash out at things which do not have the ability to feel offended. But seeing that I had to use it for 1 hour today (without being allowed to scream) on one of the crappiest W**d**s versions I have ever seen - I am leaning towards exaggeration to make things clear. I thought of keeping portability in mind, but OTOH, here at uni is no single W**d**s installation, which I can use for debugging (without breaking into screams).
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