On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 16:05:10 +0200, Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
>Preserving a reasonably Latin-like spelling of
>Latinate words and finding a suitable diacritic to
>indicate that |g| is *not* palatalized before a
>front vowel is indeed a delicate problem!

A natlang precedent for this exact problem goes with a digraph <g'>:
Granted, it's not obvious if a language where <v> stands for /p_>/ counts as
"reasonably Latin-like"... :)

BTW, did I ever mention I really like <sg> for /Z/? I mention this due to
now realizing I may have first absorb'd that from Rhodrese. I've been
wanting to include that in the following fashion:
<c h> /k x/
<g> /g/ or /G/ (either could work)
<tc dg sh sg> /tS dZ S Z/
Which would go with a historical development of alveolar+velar > postalveolar.

Alas, I have no suitable language to put this in (mostly because this seems
to imply no /z/). If some of you has one, and likes this, feel free to yoink it.

John Vertica