Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:
> What regards the much neglected X-1, a daughter of Plan B and a sister
> of Ray's "experimental loglang", 

Which has now definitely ceased to be a loglang. It went 
into pupation after I began work on it and is now emerging 
from its pupa as an oligosynthetic language.

> it is also asking for becoming an
> oligosynthetic language; 


> for that language, I haven't yet found a
> reasonable escape mechanism that doesn't wreak havoc with X-1's
> self-segregation, and its phonology is also so restricted that foreign
> material cannot be borrowed without distorting it beyond recognition
> (this is not a problem with Quetech, which has more than 100 phonemes
> anyway).

I've revived a suggestion I made in March this year:
"I was imagining something like a group isolated in some 
remote Himalayan valley which knew only the 64 Yì Jīng (I 
Ching) hexagrams, read them as 64 distinct syllables, 
associating a 'semantic primitive' meaning with each. This 
was their language by they expressed all they needed."

It means extending the larval syllabary of 16 CV syllables 
to 64 - but that's not difficult  :)

There's no question of borrowing foreign material - that's 
the last thing they want!  Of course now in the 21st 
century, youngsters are drifting away and the language is 
becoming endangered. But i haven't got around to any details 
of the alternate history (yet).

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.