2009/10/15 Adam Walker <[log in to unmask]>:
> You're saying that it can go find where Geocities has stored this or that particular gif and copy each of those gifs to my folders so I then have a copy?

Yep. Well, you give it an HTML file and it'll find all the gifs that
are linked from that file (so it won't give you all the gifs that are
in the folder, just the ones that are linked to from the document(s)
that you gave it, but that's probably enough).

> I'd still have to re-write all the code pointing to the gifs at though, right?  Or are you saying it re-does all of that too?

Yep, it can, if you tell it to.

2009/10/15 Garth Wallace <[log in to unmask]>:
> I don't think it can rewrite all of the URLs in the downloaded
> HTML page to point to their new locations, but I could be wrong; it's
> been ages since I've used it.

I believe that it can be made to do so; the -k option ("make links in
downloaded HTML point to local files") is probably the place to start

Philip Newton <[log in to unmask]>