2009/10/31 Toms Deimonds Barvidis <[log in to unmask]>:
> I keep "he"vs"she" because absence of these might cause some misunderstandings, since no nouns have genders
> and so.. Imagine, if i deleted he vs she, daughter vs son, sister vs brother distinction, how would you say that you
> have two brothers, but no sisters?

Exactly the same way you would talk in English about, say, cousins --
you'd say you have "two male cousins but no female cousins", or
something like that.

Or, in this case, "two male siblings but no female siblings". Using an
adjective to differentiate when differentiation is necessary, but
omitting it in the general case.

Or to turn it around: how would you say that you have two older
brothers but no younger brothers? Japanese can make that distinction,
and I think Chinese can, too -- but in English, the distinction is not
felt to be necessary, and so you only add adjectives if the
distinction does have to be made in a particular instance.

Philip Newton <[log in to unmask]>