My language names:

   _Fukhian_          < germ. 'Unfug' ('nonsense)'), without the 'Un-' ('non-').

   _Tyl Sjok_         < _tyl_ 'elegant and concise' _sjok_ 'language'

   _Qþyn|gài_         is not a derived word.  It is a stem that originally
                      and only means 'the Qþyn|gài language'.

   _Da Mätz se Basa_  < 'Dem Mensch seine Sprache'
                        lit. 'The man his language' = 'human's language'

   _Þrjótrunn_        < FRIGORITERRANUS (with a little creative help: it is
                        now an irregular sound shift, after a bug in the
                        sound shifter was corrected...)

   _Nibuzigu_         < _nibizigu_ 'to construct'.  _nibizigu_ was a random
                        word assigned automatically in the process of
                        assigning words to all entries of the WordNet lexicon.
                        I added another word to the language by changing the
                        word for 'to construct' slightly. So _Nibuzigu_ simply
                        means 'the Nibuzigu language'.

   _Tirkunan_         < TARRACONENSEM minus -ENSEM plus -ANUM
                        Also with a little creative help, because the sound
                        shifts changed, but the language name didn't.