May as well.  I have:

* pjaukra: based on an ethnonym, synchronically underived.  The people are
the _pjaukeli_.  That will have come perhaps from smaller tribal name,
ultimately from a name of a geographic feature, but I haven't concultured
anywhere near hard enough to know which.  

* Sabasasaj: "clear language", following the trope that the way We speak is
easy to understand and the way They speak is just a bunch of gibberish. 
base, _sa-ju_ the verb 'let' >
with directional, _sas-ju_ 'let inside' >
with involved-body-part preverb, _khara-sas-ju_ 'let into the mind (lit.
eyes)' = 'make clear, understandable' >
nominalised with another classifying body-part preverb, _saba-khara-sas-a-j_
'clear thing having to do with the mouth'; and from here _khara_ is dropped
since a single form generally can't have two preverbs.  

Out-of-world, the name is a sort of rebuttal to Alioth's accusations
that I had been "channeling the Imp of the Perverse" -- of _course_ not,
it's perfectly straightforward!  *impish grin*

* A:jat he-Heloun: was created as part of the first Akana diachrony relay,
which was based on Dewrad's _Ada:ta_.  Nearly everyone in the relay (by that
point) had just taken the sound-changed form of _Ada:ta_ for their language
name (one of the exceptions was my parent language).  So I figured that,
since all the cultures speaking these are in close contact in-world, they
must kinda recognise the kinship of all their languages; and so I adopted
_A:jat_ (< _Ada:ta_, but borrowed rather than direct) meaning 'a language
descended from Ada:ta'.  _he-Heloun_ is 'from Heloun', Heloun being the main
city where it's spoken.  

My other languages don't have in-language names yet, and so I give them
working names, and of these I seem to use three sorts:

* functional: e.g. the gripping language (for obvious reasons); "DR2 lang"
which I'm just now making for Akana diachronics relay 2; one thing I used to
call Sabasasaj was "discontiguous language", since all its verb stems are
* after the date of conception: another thing I used to call Sabasasaj was
"June 25"; Janko has my numbers from September 23; the AhH website
gives away another former instance.
* after a random word in them that has caught in my mind: two sister
languages in a family I haven't developed verb much have working names
_Ssrduianu_ [s`r\`=dujanu] 'feather-PL-INSTR' and _Barcc_ [bar\`ts)`] 'hit.3PL'.