So, I'm highly intrigued by the thread of Elven languages (ok, mostly Quenya) so that I decided a want to hears 
some answers to my question: What in your thoughts are the features than would/should/could be present in an 
elflang, and what features wouldn't be?
Of course, this leads to another question - what would the Elves themselves be? 

Longrimol, my most-developed elflang, has mostly human language features, but there were few things I thought I 
don't  want to see in an elflang, for example, noun genders. My Elven Society does not split up by genders, it's not 
important whether the warrior or king or anyone else is a male or female, so I decided that it would best for 
Longrimol to have no genders (except for natural, like "he" vs "she", "daughter" vs "son".

Another feature I developed in Longrimol - it is relatively easy to express complicated ideas, and it is done by a 
number of grammatical constructions, like the reflexive dative and accusative, adjectives-agreeing-with-tense and 
some other.

If any of you have an elflang, wold you be so kind and share with some of your ideas?

In mist and twilight I shall linger