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> On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 13:10:13 -0400, Paul Bennett  
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> wrote:
>> I'm starting with a glottalic version of PIE, with my own notation
>> (optimized (IMO) for typing in plain ASCII on a US keyboard). The  
>> notation
>> ought to be obvious to any IEist...
>> p p' ph
>> t t' th
>> c c' ch
>> k k' kh
>> q q' qh
> Your _ph_ series is the usual _bh_ series, then, right?  Is the notation
> with voiceless letters just for convenience, or are you actually starting
> from some version of PIE without voicing in obstruents?

The notation system is purely symbolic. I find mine easier to type, but I  
have no problem going with the more traditional...

p b bh
t d dh
k^ g^ g^h
k g gh
kw gw gwh

...if that's going to be easier to read for everyone.