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> Subject: Re: CHAT: "USA" in other languages (was Re: OT: need help from an L1-Greek-speaker)
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> 2009/11/11 Eldin Raigmore <[log in to unmask]>
> >
> > los Estados Unidos de América (EE.UU.)
> > also
> > les États-Unis d'Amérique (E.U.A.?)
> >
> >
> No, the French never use that abbreviation as far as I know (it might be
> different in other French-speaking countries). "Les États-Unis d'Amérique"
> are most commonly called "Les États-Unis" or "l'Amérique", and as far as I
> know, if an abbreviation is used at all, it's always "Les U.S.A.", naturally
> pronounced in a French manner: /lɛzy.ɛˈsa/.

I've seen "É.-U." and "É-U" (though never "É-U-A" or the like). The Former is used by the Bank of Canada who gives his "Sommaire, Taux de clôture $ É.-U./$ CAN" (_Summary, Closing Rate %US/$CAN_), it is also used on the French version of; the latter is regularily used on the French news website .


The two seem to used ad libitum on , Transport Canada's website, sometimes both on the same page.


However, "USA" [yEsA] / [yEsa] is much more common. Here, in speech, "les États-Unis d'Amérique" is also sometimes shortened to "les États", probably under the influence of "the States" in English.


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