On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Mark Henshaw <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> So, is anyone interested in an informal study?

I would be interested in it.

>I have the right psych test, and it should be fairly easy to add a few questions to determine how much of an artlanger or auxlanger someone is (e.g. "would you describe yourself more as an auxlanger than an artlanger,"

I would describe myself primarily as an engelanger -- I've created a
number of artlangs, but they aren't as well-developed as my engelangs.

> Some questions that occur to me are, Should we also look at Engelangers and not just art- and auxlangers?

I think so.

>Is it acceptible to include results from people who don't post on the conlang and auxlang lists?

Of course; anyone who has created one or more conlangs, of any type,
seems to be the kind of person you're interested in studying.

It might also be interesting to include some people who haven't
created any conlangs, but have learned and used one or more conlangs
created by others -- some speakers of Esperanto and other auxlangs,
some speakers of Lojban or Loglan, and of artlangs like Klingon and
Toki Pona.  Do the non-conlanger Lojbanists have perhaps more
personality traits in common with the engelangers, or with the
non-conlanger Esperantists and Idists?

Jim Henry