> So, is anyone interested in an informal study?


>I have the right psych test, and it should be fairly easy to add a few
questions to determine how much of an artlanger or auxlanger someone is
(e.g. "would you describe yourself more as an auxlanger than an artlanger,"
> Some questions that occur to me are, Should we also look at Engelangers
and not just art- and auxlangers?
>Is it acceptible to include results from people who don't post on the
conlang and auxlang lists?

Yes, I think it would be interseting because the ideals that inspired
language creation are different; so I wouldnt be surprised if there is a
(subtle) personality difference.

This will be more difficult, but I think it would be interesting to test
people who dont create language at all, and those who would consider
learning one.
I say this because earlier this year for my history class we did
presentations on *influential personalities* and I did LL Zamenhoff. One
person told me that Esperanto doesnt exist and that it wont work. (it was
quite funny, actually) and another asked if I thought learning Esperanto
would be usefull.
I'd think that there is a personality difference in these two people -
neither of them conlangers.

John Lategan