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> Okay, everyone and their mother has a romlang. I've also seen an assortment
> of Slavic offshoots, Germanic offshoots, future English variants,
> independant PIE branches, and the odd Arabic, Greek, Uralic or even Tungusic
> derivativ.
> What else has been done in the field? This, after all, still really covers
> only a small portion of the world's language families. For example, are
> there any Indo-Iranian conlangs out there? Algonquian? Austronesian? Bantu?
> Basque? etc. It would be interesting to see a compendium of what has and has
> not been done...

My Albic family is meant to be a sister group of Indo-European: not
a member of IE proper, but related to it, a tad closer than Uralic.
Part of the vocabulary is built on Indo-European roots; other parts
are based on words lacking IE etymologies in Celtic and Germanic.
The idea behind the latter is that Celtic and Germanic borrowed
those words from substratum languages related to Albic (or, in the
case of Insular Celtic, actually being Albic).  Also, some words
from Shelta.

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