Peter Bleackley wrote:
> staving R A Brown:
>> An interesting question. In fact, having Roman as a small, fairly 
>> insignificant town in Etruria, and with both the Imperial capital and 
>> the Petrine See at Pella in the north part of Greece poses all sorts 
>> of interesting questions, which I won't go into here - partly because 
>> I do not think this is an appropriate form for such discussion, also I 
>> haven't thought through all the implications myself.
> Pella apparently means "Rock". I imagine that the Church would be quite 
> happy with that.

I hadn't noticed that. I named Pella as the Imperial capital 
simply because it was the capitol of Macedon and the 
Hellenistic Empire of WHATL was essentially a Macedonian 

But the apparent meaning of "Pella" is certainly 
interesting. The tensions over who was Christ's regent on 
earth - Emperor or Pope/Patriarch - were played out *here* 
rather differently in the western Latin Church & the eastern 
Greek Church (this difference was one of the real causes of 
the eventual schism) - but clearly in WHATL this tension 
would be played out quite differently. I am sure that 
"Pella" and "Peter" are apparently more or less synonymous 
must have had some impact.

But, as I wrote: "I haven't thought through all the 
implications myself."

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