FWIW, a book I have somewhere on the mechanics of learning second languages 
mentions total immersion (at a language lab, headphones on, and no breaks) 
for about eight hours - on top of listening to recordings, working through 
encounters, etc.  I've thought it would be an excellent way to learn it 
myself - I "immersed" myself in both Spanish and Portuguese (TY books with 
the cassettes) in 1988, and I still haven't forgotten either.


Wesley Parish

On Mon, 16 Nov 2009, Sai Emrys wrote:
> So, looks like I'll need to know some. Right now, all I know is yes,
> no, thanks, you're welcome, and "I don't speak German". :-P
> TBH I'm not that interested in really learning German fully (I've done
> my fair share of L2s to last me a while, I think), but if there's
> something I can swallow in about a week that'd get me from zero to at
> least moderately communicating, I'd appreciate it.
> Recommendations? Usually what I go for is linguisticy stuff that
> values long-term deep understanding over short-term usability, and I
> don't really know what's good quality on the other end of things.
> - Sai

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