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> Okay, everyone and their mother has a romlang. I've also seen an assortment
> of Slavic offshoots, Germanic offshoots, future English variants,
> independant PIE branches, and the odd Arabic, Greek, Uralic or even Tungusic
> derivativ.
> What else has been done in the field? This, after all, still really covers
> only a small portion of the world's language families. For example, are
> there any Indo-Iranian conlangs out there? Algonquian? Austronesian? Bantu?
> Basque? etc. It would be interesting to see a compendium of what has and has
> not been done...
> (AFM, I've had an unlikely project in the works for a while now that tries
> to pidginize certain two isolates together. I'm not sure if that counts as
> "diachronic" however.)

The list hasn't had much traffic on it the past couple years (not
dead, I'd say, but highly inactive), but there was a splinter conlang
list devoted to West Asian languages (mainly a posteriori, but I
joined because Zhyler was influenced a good deal by Turkish).
Though the list has been quiet, there were a number of projects
discussed therein about descendants from Turkic languages and
also Semitic languages (and proposed by a lot of familiar names,
if you've been on Conlang awhile).

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