For some time, I've had a phonology sketch on a back burner, something  
like this:


p t     k ∅
   ts tS
   s  S


  e    o
    a  A


p b  t d     k g  ∅
  m    n       N
       l       5
       ts  tS
       s   S

Romanized something this this:

p t     c
   ts tx
   s  x

  e    o
    a  â

p b  t d     c g
  m    n       ñ
       l       ll
       ts  tx
       s   x

Alphabetically, something like this:

a â b c d e ê g i l ll m n ñ o p s t tx x

This, so far, is unremarkable. Where I'm starting to deviate from that is  
with the vowels.

Long vowels are indicated by doubling. Diphthongs with a following /j/ are  
possible, written with "y", alphabetically placed in the usual position,  
after "x". A vowel cannot be both long and diphthongized, thus "pââg"  
/pA:g/ and "pâyg" /pAjg/ are both possible (along with the 'base case'  
"pâg" /pAg/), but not *"pââyg" /pA:jg/.

Syllables (and here's where the notion of "syllable" gets a bit abstract,  
and the notion of "vowel" for that matter) can be "glottalized". What this  
means is that they may take an inserted /?/ (written with an apos'phe,  
alphabetically ordered after "y"). Syllables with short vowels may only  
take the /?/ between the onset and the vowel, where it is realized as  
ejectivity, for instance "p'âg" /p_>Ag/. Syllables with long vowels may  
take the /?/ between the onset and the vowel ("p'ââg" /p_>A:g/) or "in the  
middle" of the vowel, where it is realised as a full glottal stop ("pâ'âg"  
/pA?Ag/). Similarly, syllables with diphthongs may take the /?/ between  
the onset and vowel ("p'âyg" /p_>Ajg/) or "in the middle" of the  
diphthong, in which case the /j/ becomes an /i/, and is likewise written  
"i" ("pâ'ig" /pA?ig/).

That's the sketch as it stands, with the note that noncompound words would  
consist of a single "syllable" m.m. the above deviations from the normal  
usage of that word.

What I'm thinking of doing with this, is adding /h/ (and /_h/) as a second  
type of glottalization (written "h" and ordered between "g" and "i"). It  
occurred to me very recently that while I had the maintenance hatch open  
and my toolkit out, I could probably add something in the /X/ or /X\/  
milieu to the mix as well -- though the only sensible remaining letter  
would be "r", ordered between "p" and "s".

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?