Sorry to bother y'all-- does anyone know the ins and outs of MS Paint? 

I recently downloaded the flat-map image of my planet Cindu (you can see it at ) and am trying to a) reduce it in size (it's a jpg, 1366x1226 pixels) to something more manageable and b) select a portion of it to work on. Consulting the help file, I tried to reduce it to half-size, but only get a portion of the left half of the map (bottom is cut off)---and of course it's the right half I want; there seems to be no way to get the right half...

I did manage to select the large continent in the right half, copied it to a new file, then reduced it-- it came out as two pages, split down the middle.

What is going on???? Is there any way to make Paint behave as I want it to?? The Help file is of no use.

I do have the original drawings that I scanned years ago; now I have a different scanner (Canon, uninstalled at the moment, because it seemed to slow the computer down horribly.) Perhaps I should try re-installing the scanner temporarily? to make new images???

Since this is probably of minimal interest to the list, best reply privately.

Thanks, Roger.