John Lategan wrote:

> If any of you have con-script for your conlangs, how do you type it, not
> using a romanisation?

The Deini script has been assigned to a section of the user area in 
Unicode.  I checked Evertype to find an open area.  To type it, I 
used MSKLC to create a keyboard layout for it, and by using CapsLock 
it will produce a Romanization.  I'm now switching to OSX so I'll 
have to rework the keyboard layout.  I downloaded Ukelele but 
haven't had a chance to try it yet.

> Do any of you perhaps know of a free font (ttf) maker, or one with a free
> trail that will export the full ttf without distorting the font much?

There are a few  out there.  I would check for 
something open source.  There's also Font Lab which will work fine 
as long as you complete your font before it times out, at least that 
was how it was a while back when I last worked with it.  It's fairly 
easy to use.