Tony Harris wrote:
> <deinx nxtxr> wrote:
>> Tony Harris wrote:
>>> I believe for keyboard creation you want to check out a package 
>>> called Ukelele from SIL:
>>> The US-Extended keyboard layout is by far the coolest Latin-script 
>>> layout I've seen too, and is natively included with the Mac OS.
>>> Personally I use Ubuntu these days having gotten sick of Apple's (or 
>>> maybe just Steve Jobs') "all your computing belongs to us" attitude. 
>>> But that's not to say the Mac isn't overall a very cool system.
>>> Alas, though, my resistance to the Microsoft Empire is weakening 
>>> because my work life is moving more and more in a Windows direction, 
>>> so I may be pushing myself back there in general just to not have to 
>>> deal with 2-3 different platforms.
>> I'm accelerating my demicrosoftification project by doing this.  I 
>> tried Ubuntu but I'm tired of fighting with buggy or non-existent 
>> drivers, and the hassle of having to patch things all the time.  The 
>> only reason I've steered clear of OSX is I hate being forced to use 
>> Apple hardware to run it, especially at their high prices.  At this 
>> point I figure I'll make the sacrifice to get something that's 
>> stable.  I'm sure I'll always have one foot in the M$ world because I 
>> work in IT, but for my own use, it's well on its way out the door.  
>> All I needed was to make sure I'm not losing any functionality by 
>> switching, and worst case I can run Windless in a virtual machine for 
>> those few programs where I have no other choice.  Having to rework my 
>> keyboard drivers and other conlang-oriented stuff was one thing 
>> holding me back.
> Ubuntu has been pretty stable for me, although when I had a Dell 
> Inspiron 1100 laptop I admit getting the X-windows drivers working took 
> some work (worked out of the box on CentOS though).  Right now my 
> desktop and my current primary laptop (a Dell Mini-A9) are both Ubuntu. 
>  9.04 was quite good, 9.10 which is on the desktop is somewhat iffier.

I think you meant 8.04, which is what I have.  I tried different 
varieties of it (Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, both x86 and AMD64 versions) 
and I just never was quite satisfied with the result, and never 
could get it to install on my current box.  I never even got to the 
point where I could start working on getting it conlang ready.  My 
MythTV machine worked fine except for no decent driver for my tuner, 
and the wireless was always cutting off spontaneously.  It's sad 
that hardware vendors don't pay more attention to the Linux section 
of the market by creating reliable drivers.

> I've been Microsoft free at home for a while in that sense, although I 
> recently set up a Windows 2003 server on a developer license in the 
> basement, and the Mac has always had Office on it.  But as I say, I'm 
> just getting tired of the switching back and forth, work migrated to 
> Exchange a couple years ago and it's a pain to get my email (Outlook Web 
> Access is a joke, and Evolution as an Exchange client dies more often 
> than it works).  And now with the migration to a Sharepoint-based 
> portal, and the need to learn development for it, I'm feeling like I 
> have better things to do with my time (like conlanging!) than 
> continually fight the Microsoft migration.  Not sure I'm ready to switch 
> back  yet, but certainly seriously considering it.  It does help that 
> Windows 7 doesn't suck as badly as Vista did, but then again nothing 
> since Windows Me has sucked as badly as Vista.

Believe it or not, I actually ran 2000 server up until about a year 
and a half ago with hardly any trouble.  2003 never worked right 
because some software detected "server" and refused to run.  Don't 
now why it didn't under W2k.  I reluctantly went to XP when I bought 
new hardware only because I could be sure of driver support.

I got off Outlook about a year ago.  I don't need Exchange at home. 
  All my personal domains are hosted by GMail so I can use IMAP to 
get to them.  As a result I switched to Thunderbird (didn't care for 
Evolution), and can say I'm reasonably happy with it, especially 
when I noticed my UTF-8 e-mails were no longer being mutilated.