On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:23:26 -0500, Tony Harris wrote:
><deinx nxtxr> wrote:
>> Sam Stutter wrote:
>>> Personally, I love my Mac for conlanging, although I'm probably not
>>> using it to its full potential. My conlang wouldn't have got off the
>>> ground without OSX's character palette with characters I didn't even
>>> know existed before (gotta love single-dot-a and Cherokee).
>>> I'm sorry, but I don't know how to create custom keyboards (if you
>>> find out, I'd love to know though) but I can tell you most of the
>>> keyboard shortcuts for letters like æ, ß and å, if that's any help...
>> I imagine it is better since I already know there's stuff out there for
>> various flavors of Unix or Linux that allow compose sequences for just
>> about any character.  I've been doing some googling (yes, it's a verb
>> now), and found something called Ukelele on SIL's site.  Anyone had any
>> experience with it?
>It worked nicely when I was using a Mac as my primary desktop a couple
>years ago.  I created a Meskhetian Turkish keyboard (Russian phonetic
>with the addition of a couple Uzbek-only characters used by the
>Meskhetian Turks), and an Esperanto one.

I've been using it to put together a custom layout of my own; just got
version 1 running (it does mơsʈ ācᶜẹňŧs, ſome ɪPA, m∀th st∪ff, Γreeκ, etc.)
and it's certainly stable so far. I still have room to kill tho; eventually
I expect to cover at least half of the non-Asiatic-script portion of Unicode
plane 0… ;)

The standard Finnish layout is fairly diverse to begin with & there is the
extended Unicode version too, but the latter is hardly intuitiv IMO, &amp; both
waste a lot of stuff on things I hardly ever need (like covering every
possible variety of quotation mark as direct key+alt(+shift) combos).

Now, if only it there were an option to add further "lock" keys… or to
specify what arrow keys do, it would be such a convenient place to store
←↑→↓ and variants. But some of that kind of things may be coded too deep, if
not hard-wired!

Any suggestions for logical places to put the "non-derived" parts of IPA
BTW? Currently I have a retroflex mode, a "hook" mode that takes care of
implosivs + ɦ, a smallcaps mode with ʊ shoehorn'd in, ɛ ɜ ŋ ʔ ʕ are simply
alt+e, 3, n, q, Q (plus I should probably change alt+a from  to ə), and the
slash diacritic is used for ɟ ʡ ʢ. But from ɑ to ʒ most stuff is still
hanging. There's always the option of an "IPA miscellanea" mode, but it
feels like a cop-out.

John Vertical