John Vertical wrote:

>>> ... I've been doing some googling (yes, it's a verb
>>> now), and found something called Ukelele on SIL's site.  Anyone had any
>>> experience with it?

>> It worked nicely when I was using a Mac as my primary desktop a couple
>> years ago.  I created a Meskhetian Turkish keyboard (Russian phonetic
>> with the addition of a couple Uzbek-only characters used by the
>> Meskhetian Turks), and an Esperanto one.

> I've been using it to put together a custom layout of my own; just got
> version 1 running (it does mơsʈ ācᶜẹňŧs, ſome ɪPA, m∀th st∪ff, Γreeκ, etc.)
> and it's certainly stable so far. I still have room to kill tho; eventually
> I expect to cover at least half of the non-Asiatic-script portion of Unicode
> plane 0… ;)

I've already made my kitchen-sink layouts for Windless to do Roman, 
Cyrillic and IPA as well as handle the custom script for Deini.  I'm 
mainly concerned with finding good utilities for creating custom 
layouts that can be installed just as any of the standard ones.  I'd 
prefer not to have to run any third-party software to actually use a 
custom layout.

> The standard Finnish layout is fairly diverse to begin with & there is the
> extended Unicode version too, but the latter is hardly intuitiv IMO, & both
> waste a lot of stuff on things I hardly ever need (like covering every
> possible variety of quotation mark as direct key+alt(+shift) combos).
> Now, if only it there were an option to add further "lock" keys… or to
> specify what arrow keys do, it would be such a convenient place to store
> ←↑→↓ and variants. But some of that kind of things may be coded too deep, if
> not hard-wired!

That would really be a nice feature. You could have multiple scripts 
on one layout and use one of those keys to switch quickly.  I hate 
having to hit things like Ctrl+Shift+1 to switch.  It would be 
really nice to take something that's not used like SysReq and make 
it the keyboard switcher.

> Any suggestions for logical places to put the "non-derived" parts of IPA
> BTW? Currently I have a retroflex mode, a "hook" mode that takes care of
> implosivs + ɦ, a smallcaps mode with ʊ shoehorn'd in, ɛ ɜ ŋ ʔ ʕ are simply
> alt+e, 3, n, q, Q (plus I should probably change alt+a from  to ə), and the
> slash diacritic is used for ɟ ʡ ʢ. But from ɑ to ʒ most stuff is still
> hanging. There's always the option of an "IPA miscellanea" mode, but it
> feels like a cop-out.

Due to the limitations of MSKLC, my IPA layout is somewhat less than 
what I'd like it to be.  I'm hoping the tools for OSX are more 
flexible than that so I can have something more than two-stroke 
deadkey sequences.  Ideally I'd have something where I can key in 
X-SAMPA and have it output IPA.