On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:20:35 -0500, John Vertical wrote:

> That brings to mind: has anyone ever thought of releasing a conlang to be
> freely used in productions such as this? I don't mean creating one
> specifically for the purpose, just liberating an old one. Free fame, if
> anyone picks it up, and it might even lead to more specific paying
> commissions… 

I don't think it works that way.  Hollywood likes to legally own every
single fiber of their con-universes; even names of characters are
trademarked.  If they want a conlang, they want to *own* it; people
making conlangs for Hollywood, it seems, have to sign non-disclosure
agreements, plediging, among other things, not to leak grammars or
vocabularies to the public unless the media corporation they work for
decides to license an Official Grammar and Dictionary (TM), which has
so far happened only once in all of Hollywood's history.

Not long ago Sai Emrys posted a conlang job offer from Hollywood to
this list, and that involved signing non-disclosure agreements,
having the language owned by the studio company, being ready to be
called to the set to give advice to actors, working with deadlines
that are probably too tight to come up with work of appreciable
quality, and all that.  Releasing a conlang to Hollywood may be a
ticket to trouble more than a ticket to fame.  (You *will* be
mentioned in the credits.  But who will read those credits?)
I decided not to place a bid on that.

> FrathWiki comes to close with its CC licensing, but there is still the
> ShareAlike clause (not that this is a bad thing at all since it *is*
> intended as a repository, not a warehouse).

Yes.  The ShareAlike clause is there for good reasons, I think.  After
all, we don't want our documentation on FrathWiki to be hijacked by
copyright sharks.  As far as I understand it, it means that if someone
wants to include one of the conlangs documented on FrathWiki into a
commercial media product, he still has to negotiate a license with
the author rather than just using what is on FrathWiki without paying
the author royalties.

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