*Gets out binder*

I made notes on aspect a while ago but because they're not  
particularly clear, could the aspect in question be:
Resumptive? (I resumed cutting)
Protractive? (I cut and cut and cut and cut)
Iterative? (I cut several times)
Frequentative? (I cut several times in one go)

As far as my textbooks say (and their word is, of course, law) there  
is nothing even remotely different to that so don't you get any funny  
ideas like coming up with an interesting idea :)

Sam Stutter (couldn't pass up on a question with my name in it :) )

On 3 Dec 2009, at 22:07, Matthew Turnbull wrote:

> Has anyone here ever heard of an aspect describing that the  
> beginning of
> some action is the repetition of the first part of the action. I was
> thinking of calling it the praproiterative, or some such beast.
> the best English example I can give is the (aspectual?) distinction  
> between
> speak and stutter, or maybe two verbs would be distinct like "cut"  
> vs. "cut
> shallowly several times before finally severing with one cut". Seems  
> a bit
> out there, but you never know.