> I have a simple question:  What other ways of expressing "I am X years
> old?" 
> are there?
Rejistanian and Esperanto use the same construction: Casting the noun for age into a verb 

kiom li a─Łas? li estas dekkvinjara
How_many he age_is? He is 10_5_year-(ADJ)

Mi'dejhu suneha? Mi'dejhu asty'het kede
3S-be_of_age how_many? 3S-be_of_age year-C1 10_5.

How old is he? He is 15.

For KHMG and Lajik, I have not thought of this, but probably will take the Angosey method for KHMG.

Va'il veka
Sanja'xen mi'lanja'kynha ,mi'la'ohix jilih, nka.

My life would be easy if it was not so hard!

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