2009/12/7 Kjell Rehnstršöm <[log in to unmask]>
I think I'll have to admit that it is most practical to use the x-transcription in order to get as good as 100% transferable Esperanto. But my very subjective gut reaction is that it is plain ugly. To be honest the daft hats were what made Esperanto really nice to look at.

But Esperantists are a stubborn lot and have eventually overcome the difficulties with the daft hats.

I admit that in computers it may be necessary to use the x-spelling, but in print it is off-putting as far as I am concerned.

Kjell R

I've often thought that a y-system rather than an x-system might have looked nicer. Also, I can imagine a romancesque rule that <cy> be pronounced /tS/, <sy> /S/, and some of the others.

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