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> I think the Italian friend hates NP's merging of /s/ and /z/, perhaps
> because /z/ is realised as [ts] in Italian and is highly phonemic?
> --larry

IT seems a bit odd as a position to me. I definitely will be annoyed
when an IAL incorporates a sound that isn't in my repertoire, but I
can't really see myself getting annoyed because a sound that I know
isn't in the language. If an IAL had phonemic tones, it would
certainly irritate me, but just because a language doesn't have a "th"
sound, I wouldn't mind at all.

One thing you could mention to the Italian friend is that although at
this stage the "z" sound doesn't exist, for good reason I think, it
could be incorporated in NP at a later time if people start to use it,
in the same way that the soft "j" sound has come into English in words
like Asia.

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa (